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Reckless Squad

Weekly News #18

By Dri on August 6th, 2010, posted in Reckless Squad

The development continues !

The first, big news, is that the trailer is available :

In this trailer you can hear one of the song from John Imbler. You can also see some new environments, like the forest.

We continued to add content to the game, here are the main game modes :

  • New game : the normal mode, chooses a random story, generates random maps and uses the AI Director to create a unique adventure based on the way you play. See our previous weekly news for more informations about it.
  • Missions : some hand-crafted situations where you must complete given goals. The purpose of the first missions is to learn how to play. But the others are more difficult and require strategy.

Defeat the enemy's champion while protecting your king

  • Arena : we talked about it last week : you have to survive against endless waves of opponents. The longer you stand, the better your score.
  • Achievements : again, we talked about it before, they’re little objectives that reward you after being completed. You’re probably already familiar with them.
  • Library : the center of all knowledge, contains articles about the different units and the world of Reckless Squad.

As you can see, there is a lot of things to play with. We also added a lot of new enemies, like emo-Vampires, Witches, Werewolves, Bigfoots, Fire Spirits, etc.

Working on the actual content instead of the technical subtleties feels good and inspiring.

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Weekly News #17

By Dri on July 30th, 2010, posted in Reckless Squad

Hi, it’s been a while since our last news !

I want to thanks all the beta testers that played the game and sent us some feedback, it has been really useful, and it helps us understand what you expect from Reckless Squad.

It’s now time for us to go back to work, and we have some news for you !

First, our team grew to include Franck, one of our classmate, he will help us with the programming for the 3 months to come. Please, say “hi” to Franck !

Franck is currently working on the tutorial for Reckless Squad, the most-wanted feature from the play testers.

We also added an infinite mode, those things are trendy these days, but it’s amazing how well it suits the gameplay of Reckless Squad. Basically the cart stays at the center of a big arena, and you must protect it against unstopping waves of enemies. After 10 waves, you can buy new units and the fight resumes, with even more opponents !

At last but not least, the composer John Imbler is working on Reckless Squad’s soundtrack. He’s very talented and dedicated, and the music of the game is coming along nicely. You should be able to hear a sample of it soon and be as amazed as I am.

See you next week !

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Reckless Squad : Beta Test

By Dri on July 5th, 2010, posted in Reckless Squad

Hello, we have good news for you !

We are now ready for a second beta-test phase, and we need your help !

Basically we want you to play the game and to send us your feedback. The goal is to gather suggestions from the players and discover the problems in the gameplay as early as possible.

It’s pretty simple to attend : just send an email to contact@d2p-games.com with “Reckless Squad beta” as a subject.

We will definitely appreciate if you describe your background as a gamer a little, so we can figure out which kind of gamer you are. It’s important for us to have feedback from people with different backgrounds.

We don’t have a fixed limit for testers, but we want to keep the number of testers manageable, so it’s possible that we won’t accept everyone.

If you’re accepted, we will reply to your email with the instructions to download the beta version of Reckless Squad.

The beta test will end July 26th.

The beta-test version is available in French and English for Windows only.

We’re counting on you !

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Weekly News #16

By Dri on June 26th, 2010, posted in Reckless Squad

We had school exams this week, it took us most of our time, but still we managed to implement Missions. In Reckless Squad, Missions are small objectives that you must achieve to gain rewards.

It’s the principle of achievements, trophies, or whatever you call it.

Here is a screenshot of the menu listing all the missions. We are currently imagining new missions, so we will add a lot more missions before the release.

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Weekly News #15

By Dri on June 18th, 2010, posted in Reckless Squad

Long time no see ! Sorry about the lack of update the last two weeks, we were on a crunch for a school project and couldn’t work on Reckless Squad.

However, we’re now free of all school-related stuff for some months, so we can work full time on Reckless Squad. Good news !

Despite the distraction provided by E3, we managed to implement a lot of features, and I must say that watching the To-Do List be covered by stripes grants a lot of satisfaction.

All the planned units are now added to the game (you can see the Pyromant on your left) and I added extra animations to all of them :

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Weekly News #14

By Dri on May 28th, 2010, posted in Reckless Squad

#14 ? Already ? Time sure fly’s !

It’s been a very, very productive week. I like this kind of week, and I like the fact that I unconsciously start Reckless Squad just to play around with it. Good sign.

I think you will like this Weekly News, because we have a lot of screenshots for you. We improved the graphics, and we want you to see the result ! Almost all our play-testers reported us that the cliffs were too squared, the tiles too visible. I think we fixed that, do you agree ?

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Weekly News #13

By Dri on May 21st, 2010, posted in Reckless Squad

Another week, another weekly news !

We reworked some parts of the game, last week I showed you the result of our new map-generation algorithm. I improved it to add some infos, let me show you an image of the program I made to visualize the maps :

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Weekly News #12

By Dri on May 14th, 2010, posted in Reckless Squad

Hello there,

We continue to work on our giant “To-Do list”. We have a much clearer vision of where we want to go with Reckless Squad, and some changes are on the way.

First, we want to improve the player immersion and make sure the different situations are really different.

A first step to improve the ambiance of the game was to add weather effects !

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Weekly News #11

By Dri on May 7th, 2010, posted in Reckless Squad

It’s been a month since our last “weekly” news : we spent all our time with the private beta test.

Looking at other people play your game is the most informative experience possible, seeing how they act and react, what they enjoy, what they don’t understand, etc. The way those new people play is very different than the way we play, and this fresh and objective look helped us addressing a lot of problems.

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Weekly News #10

By Dri on April 9th, 2010, posted in Reckless Squad

This week was really intense because we need to be ready for the private beta’s launch.

After two days of fixing important bugs and implementing the last details needed, we are totally exhausted but also very proud of what we achieved.
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