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Weekly News #12

By Dri on May 14th, 2010

Hello there,

We continue to work on our giant “To-Do list”. We have a much clearer vision of where we want to go with Reckless Squad, and some changes are on the way.

First, we want to improve the player immersion and make sure the different situations are really different.

A first step to improve the ambiance of the game was to add weather effects !

may14_004 may14_001

Like most of the game settings, the weather is controlled by the Virtual Game Master.

Another problem was that apart from killing all units on the screen, there weren’t much to do. A solution was to add the treasure chests. You can find money and even weapons (if you’re lucky enough) !


The game’s end was really abrupt : you just see a small story indicating you that you won (or lose). We already planned to add some story-related animations, but we thought it will be nice if you can see a summary of your journey.


Further plans for the future

A recurrent complaint about the game was that every maps were almost identical. True, they were procedurally generated , but that weren’t enough.

I’ve totally remade the way the maps were generated, with a new algorithm. Here is the result :


In blue you can see the chosen path for the convoy :


As you can see there are large areas ignored by the convoy. This doesn’t mean they’re empty… There’s treasures, with rare items… and a lot of though monsters, too.

It’s up to you whether you want to face danger and send units there to retrieve the treasures. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

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