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Reckless Squad

Reckless Squad 1.1 Released!

By Dri on January 4th, 2011, posted in Reckless Squad

22_november_001 The first update to Reckless Squad is now freely available for those who buyed the game on GamersGate or our website!

Are featured:

  • Improved environment graphics
  • A brand new main menu
  • Bug-fixes (including the bug in the Tower Defense mode)
  • A new configuration utility for Mac OS X, like the one already available for Windows

Of course, all of the previous features are still here:

  • Intense and strategic battles, use your troops and their capacities wisely to defend your convoy or defeat the bosses after an epic fight.
  • Every journey is unique: the game adapts itself to the way you play and the environments are created procedurally. You will never experience the same thing twice. Also features 4 levels of difficulty.
  • Fight endless hordes of monsters in the Arena and see for how long your strategies can keep you alive.
  • More than 40 achievements for you to unlock and 11 missions to complete.
  • Twelve classes of units for you to chose from. Ranging from the good old Soldier and Archer to the more exotics Black Mage and Samurai. Every class of unit have its own distinct (and somewhat twisted) personality. Most of them have secondary weapons with very different effects, allowing you to build complex strategies.
  • Travel across a fantasy universe filled with elves, werewolves, pirates and ninjas… amongst others. Discover various environments, from the forest to the mountains, passing by the desert. And it’s always served with humor!

However the free demo won’t be updated to reflect the 1.1 update, but they are mainly cosmetic changes, the gameplay is left untouched.

More about Reckless Squad

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-50% off on GamersGate this week!

By Dax on December 6th, 2010, posted in Reckless Squad

Holidays are coming on GamersGate, and this week Reckless Squad is -50% off!

You can buy it for only $3!

Reckless Squad on GamersGate

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First glance of Reckless Squad 1.1

By Dri on November 22nd, 2010, posted in Reckless Squad

It’s been 6 weeks since the release of Reckless Squad, and we’re happy to announce you the first update to Reckless Squad!

Of course, this will be a free update for those who already purchased the game. For the others, it will be the version you get after purchasing from GamersGate or our website.

So, what’s planned?

  • There was a bug (sorry!) preventing the last mission (Tower Defense) from working properly. Fixed.
  • Some small other bugs have been fixed.
  • The main menu was totally redone.
  • The environments’ graphics have been improved as well.

Takes a look:


Nice improvement, right?

Stay tuned, the release of this update is imminent!

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Reckless Squad for only $5!

By Dri on October 21st, 2010, posted in Reckless Squad

We have some big news for you!

Reckless Squad can now be purchased directly from our website for only $5 USD!

It’s half price, and it’s possible thanks to the well known and secure BMT Micro services.

And of course buying the game grants you both Windows and Mac OS X versions.

If you want, you can still check the free demo before buying the game.

Buy Reckless Squad now!

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Reckless Squad has been released!

By Dri on October 11th, 2010, posted in Reckless Squad

Big big news: Reckless Squad has been released!

It was our first game and it’s now on sale, it’s the consecration of ten months of work, we’ve learned a lot of things on the way and we don’t plan to stop now!

To talk about Reckless Squad itself, it’s a real-time strategy game where you have to protect a convoy.
You have the choice between 12 classes of units to build your army and establish a strategy.
We put a lot of focus on replayability: all the environments are procedurally generated and all the situations are adapted to the player’s skills.
On top of that the game has 4 levels of difficulty, 11 missions, 40 achievements and an arena mode.

You can find more informations, a trailer and a demo on the game’s page.

The game is officially available for Windows and Mac OS X, in English and French for $9.99 on GamersGate!

EDIT: The game is now for $6 USD on GamersGate and $5 on the game’s page!

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Reckless Squad available for pre-order!

By Dri on September 30th, 2010, posted in Reckless Squad

We’re proud to announce that Reckless Squad is now available for pre-order on GamersGate.com!

The game is available for PC Windows and Mac OS X for a modest price of $9.95 USD.

Finally, it will be released on October 11th, 2010.

If you want to try the game, we have a demo version here.

See the product page for more information!

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Weekly News #22 : Demo released!

By Paul on September 17th, 2010, posted in Reckless Squad

Today is an important day for Reckless Squad: the demo is out!

You can download it freely on the game’s page: http://www.d2p-games.com/reckless_squad/

Check it out and don’t hesitate to share it with other people!

Geoff Gibson of DIYGamer.com was nice enough to write a preview of the game: http://www.diygamer.com/2010/09/great-big-convoy-reckless-squad-preview/

“Overall, Reckless Squad is a fun game. I thoroughly enjoyed playing my preview version
“[...] I’m sure they’ll have no problem convincing people to buy their simple, yet addictive, convoy RTS.”

Pretty cool, isn’t it?

If you are a video game journalist, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d love to send you a version of Reckless Squad and answer all your questions. Now more than ever, we need you to talk about the game and spread the word.

Finally, it seems that you like the technical articles, particularly on Reddit and Tweeter. Is there a particular subject you want us to address?

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Weekly News #21 : Mac OS X Version !

By Paul on August 30th, 2010, posted in Reckless Squad

The last week was dedicated to bug tracking. We’ve finished the whole game and fixed all the bugs we’ve found so far. The next week will be dedicated to localization and public relations.

I wanted a break so I started the Mac OS X 10.6 port of the game engine. As all the gameplay is done in Lua, the hardest job was to tame Xcode and Mac OS X. In order to make the game working, I had to build some libraries. I used Macports for Lua and Boost, it saved a bunch of time. For the other libraries, I created my own project in Xcode and built Luabind, and SFML manually.

And the result is a fully working version of the game engine, and Reckless Squad on Mac OS X :

At the end of the week, we plan to contact Valve Software to try to publish Reckless Squad on Steam. Fingers crossed.

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Weekly News #20

By Paul on August 20th, 2010, posted in Reckless Squad

Because we are currently working on the last milestones of the game, all our weeks are alike.
When we don’t track a bug, we are working on content. We added some new situations, missions or achievements in order to provide the best experience possible.

Dri designed a new boss, some kind of post-apocalyptic-middle-age biker. Although he doesn’t have a Chopper (yet?), he’s really badass!

Dax added a very useful feature, allowing the player to know the convoy position when it’s off screen.

This bubble show you the position of your convoy even when it's not on screen

Franck worked on a mission that means a lot to him. He designed a Tower Defense-like mission, with all the characters of the game. You can expect a very high challenge! Take a look:


I’ve spent a lot of time on PR, I’ve sent some e-mails, improved the website design helped by Dri, or updated Twitter, Facebook and IndieDB. We have had good results, for example, the last article “Generating maps procedurally” has been read 325 times the first day. It represents half of the last month visits! We still have many things to do in public relations. Building a community around our game is my main goal for the next weeks.

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Weekly News #19

By Dri on August 13th, 2010, posted in Reckless Squad

This Dragon is angry (and hungry)

We are currently polishing the game and adding more content to it. It means new missions, new enemies, new situations and new achievements.

The AI Director was given a complete revamp and can now handle 3 level of difficulties. The units’ AI and the way they move was also improved.

We implemented the final boss of the game, the deadly Dragon. You must attack it to distract its attention from the convoy, but if you’re skilled enough, you may even be able to kill it.

Of course, doing so is rewarded by an achievement. There is currently 37 achievements in the game and we’re not short of ideas yet.

The hardest (or longest?) one is the trendy “Zombie Genocider” : you have to kill 53,597 zombies to achieve it. Yeah, it’s one more than Prototype.

37 achievements, and counting!

Other than that, I’ve managed to optimize the game significantly, to the point it can now manage a huge amount of units at once (just give a look at the minimap) :

Looks like I'm surrounded

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