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Weekly News #15

By Dri on June 18th, 2010

Long time no see ! Sorry about the lack of update the last two weeks, we were on a crunch for a school project and couldn’t work on Reckless Squad.

However, we’re now free of all school-related stuff for some months, so we can work full time on Reckless Squad. Good news !

Despite the distraction provided by E3, we managed to implement a lot of features, and I must say that watching the To-Do List be covered by stripes grants a lot of satisfaction.

All the planned units are now added to the game (you can see the Pyromant on your left) and I added extra animations to all of them :

We are currently working on the user interface (the blue box on the bottom of the screen) and we are adding content to the game (stories, enemies, etc).

If you look closely the screenshots, you may notice that the convoy is a bit different this time. What’s this thing on top of it ? Could it be a legendary animal ? Who know, maybe I will tell you about it next time ;)

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