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Weekly News #13

By Dri on May 21st, 2010

Another week, another weekly news !

We reworked some parts of the game, last week I showed you the result of our new map-generation algorithm. I improved it to add some infos, let me show you an image of the program I made to visualize the maps :


The red dots are the possible positions for enemies and the gold ones for the treasure chests. The Virtual Game Master will choose which ones to use among them.

The blue line represents the road, as you can see the ground gets greener as you move away from the line : the Virtual Game Master uses it to place better treasures and stronger enemies farther away. Getting those treasures will require you to detach some units from your escort, weakening the convoy’s protection… it’s an extra challenge :)

The dark green dots are tiny obstacles standing on your way : rock, trees, etc.
Here are their 3D models in high resolution :


Of course, I will add more of them to make environments very different.

The maps weren’t the only things to be totally redone, the marketplace where you can buy soldiers and weapons beneficed from a total revamping to make it easier and clearer :


Honestly, I can’t even say how much better this version is !

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