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Weekly News #20

By Paul on August 20th, 2010

Because we are currently working on the last milestones of the game, all our weeks are alike.
When we don’t track a bug, we are working on content. We added some new situations, missions or achievements in order to provide the best experience possible.

Dri designed a new boss, some kind of post-apocalyptic-middle-age biker. Although he doesn’t have a Chopper (yet?), he’s really badass!

Dax added a very useful feature, allowing the player to know the convoy position when it’s off screen.

This bubble show you the position of your convoy even when it's not on screen

Franck worked on a mission that means a lot to him. He designed a Tower Defense-like mission, with all the characters of the game. You can expect a very high challenge! Take a look:


I’ve spent a lot of time on PR, I’ve sent some e-mails, improved the website design helped by Dri, or updated Twitter, Facebook and IndieDB. We have had good results, for example, the last article “Generating maps procedurally” has been read 325 times the first day. It represents half of the last month visits! We still have many things to do in public relations. Building a community around our game is my main goal for the next weeks.

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