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Weekly News #21 : Mac OS X Version !

By Paul on August 30th, 2010

The last week was dedicated to bug tracking. We’ve finished the whole game and fixed all the bugs we’ve found so far. The next week will be dedicated to localization and public relations.

I wanted a break so I started the Mac OS X 10.6 port of the game engine. As all the gameplay is done in Lua, the hardest job was to tame Xcode and Mac OS X. In order to make the game working, I had to build some libraries. I used Macports for Lua and Boost, it saved a bunch of time. For the other libraries, I created my own project in Xcode and built Luabind, and SFML manually.

And the result is a fully working version of the game engine, and Reckless Squad on Mac OS X :

At the end of the week, we plan to contact Valve Software to try to publish Reckless Squad on Steam. Fingers crossed.

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