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Reckless Squad 1.1 Released!

By Dri on January 4th, 2011

22_november_001 The first update to Reckless Squad is now freely available for those who buyed the game on GamersGate or our website!

Are featured:

  • Improved environment graphics
  • A brand new main menu
  • Bug-fixes (including the bug in the Tower Defense mode)
  • A new configuration utility for Mac OS X, like the one already available for Windows

Of course, all of the previous features are still here:

  • Intense and strategic battles, use your troops and their capacities wisely to defend your convoy or defeat the bosses after an epic fight.
  • Every journey is unique: the game adapts itself to the way you play and the environments are created procedurally. You will never experience the same thing twice. Also features 4 levels of difficulty.
  • Fight endless hordes of monsters in the Arena and see for how long your strategies can keep you alive.
  • More than 40 achievements for you to unlock and 11 missions to complete.
  • Twelve classes of units for you to chose from. Ranging from the good old Soldier and Archer to the more exotics Black Mage and Samurai. Every class of unit have its own distinct (and somewhat twisted) personality. Most of them have secondary weapons with very different effects, allowing you to build complex strategies.
  • Travel across a fantasy universe filled with elves, werewolves, pirates and ninjas… amongst others. Discover various environments, from the forest to the mountains, passing by the desert. And it’s always served with humor!

However the free demo won’t be updated to reflect the 1.1 update, but they are mainly cosmetic changes, the gameplay is left untouched.

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  • Anon

    ok, so how do we get the update?

  • http://www.d2p-games.com Dri

    Just download it (from GamersGate or from the link given in the email if you bought it from our site) and install it again. Choose the same path as the 1.0 version if you want to keep your save file.

  • Anon

    Unable to redownload it from the BMT link, as I get the message:
    File Download Error
    The password has expired

  • http://www.d2p-games.com Dri

    Please, can you send me an email to dri@d2p-games.com with the email address you used when purchasing so that I can resend it to you with a new code? Thanks

  • Sam

    Hey, this looks like a great game! I just bought it from GamersGate, but I think I found a bug. In the tutorial mission for the Black Mage, he doesn’t open the chest when you walk him over to it so he cannot get the new weapon.

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