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Reckless Squad has been released!

By Dri on October 11th, 2010

Big big news: Reckless Squad has been released!

It was our first game and it’s now on sale, it’s the consecration of ten months of work, we’ve learned a lot of things on the way and we don’t plan to stop now!

To talk about Reckless Squad itself, it’s a real-time strategy game where you have to protect a convoy.
You have the choice between 12 classes of units to build your army and establish a strategy.
We put a lot of focus on replayability: all the environments are procedurally generated and all the situations are adapted to the player’s skills.
On top of that the game has 4 levels of difficulty, 11 missions, 40 achievements and an arena mode.

You can find more informations, a trailer and a demo on the game’s page.

The game is officially available for Windows and Mac OS X, in English and French for $9.99 on GamersGate!

EDIT: The game is now for $6 USD on GamersGate and $5 on the game’s page!

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  • Clement Bruna

    thumbs up !
    And now we wait your next game ;)

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