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Weekly News #19

By Dri on August 13th, 2010

This Dragon is angry (and hungry)

We are currently polishing the game and adding more content to it. It means new missions, new enemies, new situations and new achievements.

The AI Director was given a complete revamp and can now handle 3 level of difficulties. The units’ AI and the way they move was also improved.

We implemented the final boss of the game, the deadly Dragon. You must attack it to distract its attention from the convoy, but if you’re skilled enough, you may even be able to kill it.

Of course, doing so is rewarded by an achievement. There is currently 37 achievements in the game and we’re not short of ideas yet.

The hardest (or longest?) one is the trendy “Zombie Genocider” : you have to kill 53,597 zombies to achieve it. Yeah, it’s one more than Prototype.

37 achievements, and counting!

Other than that, I’ve managed to optimize the game significantly, to the point it can now manage a huge amount of units at once (just give a look at the minimap) :

Looks like I'm surrounded

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