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Weekly News #5 : gameplay presentation

By Dri on February 19th, 2010

Hi everybody !

Last week I promised more informations about gameplay, we worked hard on a good explanation.

Reckless Squad in a few words

Reckless Squad is a real-time strategy game in which the player must protect a convoy at all cost during his journey across a heroic-fantasy world.

The crossed places and enemies met are chosen by the Virtual Game Master to adapt the game to the player and his way of playing.

The convoy

You must protect it, whatever the costs. There have been rumors among the soldiers about what it contains, but nobody really knows. It’s Top Secret, only the King knows. But that must be important, for sure.

The convoy is moved by a powerful magic spell (it’s more reliable than horses) and is autonomous. This spell also gives him a very strong defense, however that doesn’t means it’s invincible !

That’s the most important unit of all, if the convoy is destroyed, it’s game over ! That’s why you are here, you and your army, to protect it from greedy thieves,  jealous enemies, wild monsters, and all unimaginable threats.

Your soldiers are here to protect the convoy against all treats

Your soldiers are here to protect the convoy against all treats

The journey

During your journey, you will cross the world, visiting a lot of different places and facing new threats.

However, Reckless Squad’s world is different each time you play !

It’s because of the Virtual Game Master (VGM for short) : it’s an AI whose job is to adapt the game to you and the way you play. It adapts the game’s difficulty by choosing which enemies (and how many) it will throw at you.

He will also choose what will come next, varying environments and situations, resulting in a different story each time you play.

This feature was mainly inspired by Left 4 Dead’s AI Director.

Your army

To face this perilous trip, you have a little army at your disposition. The composition of this army is up to you : you can chose your units among 15 classes !

For some examples, see our previous Weekly News : the Knight and the Peasant and the Rogue and the Gunner.

You can give orders to your soldiers, much like every real-time strategy game. The four basic orders are : move here, attack another unit, protect another unit and heal another unit.

If you don’t give orders, your men will do their best. But an army without a commander is doomed.

You can choose the composition of your army in the different marketplaces around the world. Different places means different soldiers available.

Trying to recruit a bunch of peasants in a tavern

At last but not least, you can buy different weapons to your soldiers, and switch between them during the fight. Choosing your weapon wisely is the key to success.

The Archer, trying to choose between a bow and an arbalest

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