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Weekly News #2

By Dri on January 29th, 2010

Hello everybody !

The game is now a lot more stable, we had made tremendous progress on the technical part, and started implementing units and balance them.

Let me introduce you to some of them !


During your quest to protect the convoy, you will pass through many unique environments. A good leader is one that can adapt his strategy to his environment, as each of them affect your soldiers in a different way.

You already seen the Plain, the Forest and the Volcano in the earlier screenshots, so I will show you two newcomers :

A very cold moutain The Frozen Mountain is cold. Very cold. If you stay too long without moving, you will freeze ! Make sure to always be in movement to warm yourself.

The sandy DesertIf you like hotter destinations,  The Desert is a perfect choice. The sun is so strong that you will roast in your armor. Also the sand will make your moves harder and slower.

Environments are numerous, and have many incidences on your quest. We will tell you more about them later ;)


Besides the convoy, there is 15 units types that the player can use. That’s a lot, and each of them are very different. Today I will present you two of them :

The KnightYou already met the Knight, this brave and experimented soldier in a heavy armor, fights with a giant sword. He is a great ally, but such a power and loyalty is both uncommon and expensive. Do your best to preserve him !

The peasantWhen you don’t have the luxury to recruit valorous knights, you have to deal with what you have. The Peasants are miserables, they are weak, they don’t have any armors and uses scythes. But they are inexpensive, they will follow your for five miserable pieces of gold. The perfect cannon fodder.

That’s all for today, see you next week !

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