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Weekly News #4

By Dri on February 12th, 2010

This week had seen a lot of bug-fixes and optimizations : the game is now a lot more stable and fast.
For example the game engine had received a lot of attentions of my part.

The slow downs due to a large amount of units were reduced to a minimum. I still have some works to do in order to make them disappear totally.

Dax and Paul have worked a lot on the game interface and on balancing the game.

Speaking of balance, I must say it’s harder that what I expected.
Everytime you change something, you have to check that there is no hidden consequences. For exemple, if I want to make the Soldier a little stronger in order to stand against the Mages, I have to check that he doesn’t became too strong compared to other units.

Anyway we already decided to soon make a private beta for the game to address this. We aren’t looking for testers now, but don’t worry : there will be other beta in the future, and you will be able to attend.

We’ve reached a point where the changes aren’t visually impressive anymore, so I won’t add screenshots to this Weekly News, because they are almost identical to the previous ones.

However, stay tuned ! Because next week, there will be a lot of news. We will talk a lot more about the gameplay, explaining it and illustrating it.
And if everything goes as I want, you should be able to see the new look of the units !

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