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Archives for April 2010

Weekly News #10

By Dri on April 9th, 2010, posted in Reckless Squad

This week was really intense because we need to be ready for the private beta’s launch.

After two days of fixing important bugs and implementing the last details needed, we are totally exhausted but also very proud of what we achieved.
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Weekly News #9

By Dax on April 2nd, 2010, posted in Reckless Squad

Hi !

This week was full of April Fool’s jokes, but braving the jokes and fishes, we have reached the final milestones for the Beta version of the game.

Paul fixed some settings on the Virtual Game Manager, like implementing the stories between the battles.

I improved the weapons balance, in order to fix some obvious problems. The new soldiers can now defeat the archers in a singular battle where the previous ones died.
Dri worked on a lot of stuff, like pathfinding, optimizations, bug fixing, and last but not least, he has helped us to fix a monstrous problem involving transitions.

Finally, we had new foes in the game : Pirates, Ninjas, Goblins and Dark Knights (non Batman-related).

Here is the first picture of the brand new menu :

Reckless Squad's old main menu
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