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Weekly News #7

By Dri on March 19th, 2010

Hello world !

Reckless Squad is becoming more and more as we imagined it, and it amazes me ! As we progress toward the private beta, the game is taking a more final shape.


Even if Reckless Squad’s battlefields aren’t huge, you can’t see all the map at once (except if you have a really large screen).

To help you manage your troops, we added a minimap. It’s a classical system for real-time strategy games, and I bet you won’t be destabilized by it.

The blue points are your troops, the green one is the convoy and as you might imagine, the red ones are your enemies.


Weapon’s elements

Reckless Squad is a magical world, and thus magic is everywhere. You can add a magical affinity to your weapons in order to improve their efficiency against some kind of opponents.

For example, a sword blessed by the magic of light is very effective against zombies or undeads. An ignited arrow will deal extreme damages to an ice golem, etc.

You can freely change the elemental type of your weapons using a single button.

Excalibur enchanted with a fire spell

Excalibur enchanted with a fire spell


Until now, when you ordered your units to move, they all wanted to be at the very point and a scrum inevitably starts.

Dax worked on formations : now the units will thinks as a group instead of a bunch of individuals. The group will move to the given position, and the soldiers will organize themselves.

Professional soldiers and forced recruits didn’t received the same military instruction, and you can see it with formations. Peasants, Rogues and Wolves tend to be less disciplined than real soldiers. Their formations won’t be as clean.

It’s a little detail that doesn’t really have an influence on gameplay but contributes to the believability of Reckless Squad’s universe.

Peasants lacks discipline

Peasants' lack of discipline

Here is are two (big) screenshots, one from this morning and the second one from the current version :

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