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Weekly News #1 : Animations, User Interface and Artificial Intelligence

By Dax on January 22nd, 2010

Hi everybody, welcome to our first weekly update !
Besides fixing some bugs, we have done four major updates this week.

  • Implementation of Chris Hecker’s amazing paper on Spore’s AI ( http://chrishecker.com/My_Liner_Notes_for_Spore/Spore_Behavior_Tree_Docs ) : Reckless Squad has now good bases for artificial intelligence !
  • Animations had been implemented to embellish the scene. Now we can see explosions, sword attacks and other cool stuff.
  • The player can change the weapon of a unit class if it’s unlocked. An element can be assigned to a wepon among the followings : Fire, Water, Plant, Electricity, Light and Darkness. Each of these has its weaknesses and its strengths, which permit to be stronger against an opposing element. Use it wisely !
  • Some weapons, like bombs or fire staff, can do damages on a large area with a beautiful animation. Be careful of rains of fire and terrible vortex !

See you next week ;)

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